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If you’ve discovered the magic of shapewear, you know what a difference it makes. It’s hard to believe that a single piece of clothing can smooth out every bulge in your body, but that’s just what it does. It’s truly like Photoshop for your body. There’s just one problem: shapewear has become so popular that there are now a seemingly endless number of fabrics and styles to choose from. So, how do you decide which one will work best for your body type and wardrobe? Read this article to know. 

1. Stick to your size: Many women try to size down when buying shapewear, but that can cause discomfort and make your look larger. That’s why it’s necessary that you buy the right size. We recommend buying Dr.Rey Women’s Holly Bodysuit since it offers a great fit. 

2. Buy high-waist shapewear for a smooth torso: High-waisted shorts and skirt styles, like the Rago Hi Waist Panty Brief, ensure a smooth line all the way up to your torso. If that’s something you would like, get shapewear that goes up to your bra line. 

3. Buy tights with built-in shapewear to tone your legs: Wearing tights over shapewear is never a good idea since it can cause your tights to shift as you move. That’s why it makes sense to buy tights that have built-in shapewear like the Spanx In-Power Line Super Shaping Sheers, which have compression zones that shape your thighs, rear, and tummy, while offering the sleek and seamless look of regular tights. 

4. Opt for a full bodysuit for overall shaping: The bodysuit-style shapewear is a popular option among women because it creates a streamlined appearance, from head-to-toe. We recommend choosing a style like the TC ‘Toresette’ Body Shaper that offers excellent shaping and has a cut around the bust for your bra. 

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