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Coupon apps can help you save big bucks. Here are some of the best coupon apps:


Best used for: Getting paid for items you’re purchasing at the store

Standout feature: Cashback that adds up over time

Platform(s): iOS and Android

Hytch Rewards/NuRide

Best used for: Carpooling with your spouse, coworkers, or friends

Standout feature: Cashback for every activity

Platform(s): iOS and Android (Hytch), iOS (NuRide)


Best used for: Comparing prices and shopping online

Standout feature: If you’re shopping on Amazon, Honey will inform you if another seller is offering the item at a lower price.

Platform(s): Desktop app

Checkout 51

Best used for: Shopping at grocery stores or warehouse stores

Standout feature: Cashback for generic items

Platform(s): Android and iOS


Best used for: Getting cashback for online purchases

Standout feature: Cashback without any scanned receipts

Platform(s): iOS and Android


Best used for: Shopping in stores and comparing prices

Standout feature: Allows you to compare costs with just a photo

Platform(s): Android and iOS

Receipt Hog

Best used for: Shopping at any store that provides a receipt

Standout feature: Collecting points for specific purchased items

Platform(s): iOS and Android


Best used for: Scoring a 20% coupon for your favorite store

Standout feature: Covers all your coupon code needs

Platform(s): Android and iOS


Best used for: Purchasing prescription medication

Standout feature: Shows the cheapest prescriptions in your local area

Platform(s): iOS and Android


Best used for: Earning points by just walking into a store

Standout feature: Lets you rack up points without making any purchases

Platform(s): Android and iOS


Best used for: Finding the lowest gas price near you

Standout feature: Offers a gas payment card linked to your bank account

Platform(s): iOS and Android


Best used for: Immediate savings on household items, grocery, and clothes

Standout feature: Abundant coupons

Platform(s): Android and iOS


Best used for: Finding the lowest price on any item

Standout feature: User reviews and price comparisons

Platform(s): iOS and Android

Although coupons can help you save money, don’t buy something just because there’s a discount—stick to your budget.

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