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Extreme Couponing sounds like an Olympic sport, but it isn’t complicated. It involves combining multiple grocery coupons with great timing (grocery store sales and promotional offers). Once you get the hang of it, extreme couponing will give you a rush, given that you’ll be saving over 85 percent on your groceries. Even better, you don’t have to let coupons take over your life. There’s a science to extreme couponing and we’ve broken it down into four simple steps.

Gather your coupons: Kick coupon collection into high gear by getting more than one copy of the same coupon. Subscribe to three copies of the Sunday newspaper, find printable coupons from reputed websites, get tear-away coupons and coupon booklets from your regular store, and ask your neighbors to give you coupon inserts that they don’t use. 

Organize your coupons: There are many systems you can use but we’re a fan of the good old-fashioned coupon binder. Use A to Z dividers and protector sheets to store your coupons alphabetically. The pocket pages can hold coupons that expire within a day or two. Another organizational method is to store whole inserts arranged by type in an accordion file. When you have multiples of an identical coupon stored together, you just need to clip your coupons before you visit the store. This method saves filing time but doesn’t work for unadvertised sales or clearance items. Even if you do have your file at the store, you definitely won’t have the time to rifle through your coupon stash at the cash register.

Plan your shopping trip: Keep an eye out for sales ads and check to see if you can combine a coupon from your stash with it. Then do the math on whether the price you’ll pay is worth it. If you can wait for a better price point, do it. As you get more comfortable with extreme couponing, you’ll know which price you can or can’t beat.

Know your resources: The only way to spot future deals and discounts is by being familiar with your sources. Keep scouring couponing websites to stay ahead of the extreme couponing game.

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