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You’re headed out to Walt Disney World and can’t contain your excitement – who would be able to? From amazing food to thrilling rides, Disney World is the place to make incredible memories you’ll never forget. It’s a truly magical place! 

Now, we’re sure you’ve already planned your outfits and packed your suitcase to take with you, but do you have all the items you’ll need once you are in the park? 

Unsure of what you need to bring along? Here’s a list of essentials you need to have in your backpack before heading to Disney World!

Wearable neck wallet

A neck wallet is a must-have item to keep your valuables secure, when at Disney World. These pouches are designed to hold your belongings tucked away discreetly and safely.

Handheld fan

On a fun-filled and busy family outing, getting overheated can spoil your day and keep you from having fun. To avoid this, carry a personal fan to help you and your children stay cool in the theme park heat.

Refillable water bottle

When visiting Disney or any other similar park, it’s always a smart idea to carry a refillable water bottle with you. Bottled drinks are expensive, but if you carry your own water bottle and fill it at drinking fountains, you’ll be set for the day and have money left to spend on more fun activities.

Compact portable charger

Carry a small portable charger that can charge several devices before needing to be plugged in to recharge. Make sure it will charge your phone, camera, and other tiny electronics when you’re out and about, all while staying comfortably tucked inside your backpack.

Windproof travel umbrella

It’s difficult to guess when it’ll rain around Disney World. Rains can appear out of nowhere and leave you soaked for the rest of the day if you’re not prepared. Carrying a windproof travel umbrella with you is a perfect way to be prepared for rainy days.

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