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The Covid-19 pandemic may have taken away your mobility, but we won’t let it take away your alcohol too. With your local watering holes closed, over-crowded, or running at reduced capacity, you need an alcohol delivery service that brings the booze to you. Here are four options that are quick, efficient, and adhere to coronavirus safety guidelines.


Drizly operates in most major cities and serves more than 180 markets. This alcohol delivery service partners with local liquor retailers and delivers your tipple in under 60 minutes. Aside from stocking up on your favorite standards like tequila and gin, you can also browse their pre-mixed drink selection. Drizly also delivers mixers, ice, and garnishes.


Winc, a wine membership club, has a six-question quiz that helps them understand your palate. They use this profile to custom create a four-bottle wine box. They also have vegan wines. Prices start at 13$ a bottle but you get $20 off your first order. Every month after your first order, you’ll be charged $60 for alcohol credits. Use these credits to stock up on cases of premium wine or to pick up a bottle of a new varietal. Shipping adds a $9 fee.


Another great alcohol delivery service is Postmates, where customers in select cities can choose to have alcohol delivered from local retailers in their neighborhoods. This service works best if you want to support local businesses in your community during the pandemic. The pricing depends on what state you live in, but it usually begins at 10$ for a six-pack. Postmates boasts no-contact delivery and has a relief fund that covers check-ups and medical expenses for workers who test positive.


Flaviar, a members-only club, is focused on spirits. It costs $95 for a quarter or $300 per year. For that price, you can avail of one-off purchases of whiskey, bourbon, rum, or gin. Alternatively, you could choose a quarterly tasting box that includes three 1.5-ounce vials of booze, a concrete coaster, and tasting instructions. You also get a full-size bottle of the liquor of your choice each quarter.

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