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Shopping during the pandemic can be very stressful. Like many essential businesses, Target® has experienced a surge in shoppers, many of whom are panic-buying high-demand items in large quantities. In this article, we’ll reveal the best time to shop at Target® along with other helpful tips so that you can get the most out of your shopping trip during these stressful times.

The best time to shop is early morning

According to Target® employees, the best time to shop is during the first 2-3 hours after they open. On days with truck deliveries, 9 a.m. is generally an ideal time to shop. It’s also crucial for all shoppers to respect the designated shopping hours for elderly and immunocompromised guests, but otherwise, the early bird gets the worm.

Call the store in advance to ask if there are items in stock

Like most stores open during the pandemic, Target® also runs out of high-demand items quickly. Employees might not know what items the store will be getting in advance, so it’s best to call the store before you come in and ask about the current stock. By calling in advance, a team member can check the floor and the back to confirm whether they have a product. Calling in advance could also help you save yourself a trip if products are out of stock.

Consider using online order pick-ups

Target® offers online shopping and order pick-up; it’s best to take advantage of these services. This allows you and the store to continue practicing social distancing while being able to get your items.

Be respectful to employees

Working during the pandemic can be quite stressful as an employee of an essential business. That is why, Target® urges people to be considerate of their employees who are working while most people are at home. Always remember to be kind and patient with them. 

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